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Sloppys Sweet and Spicy BBQ Rub.
Available in 12oz shakers and 5lb bulk. Select Add to Cart and we'll get your order on the way.
   12oz shaker  $9.00 ea   plus shipping and handling. 
                                                    5lb bulk $30.00ea plus shipping and handling
 12 oz shaker

 5lb bulk                
2011 awards
Congrats to County Line Smokers (Reserve Grand @ Blue Springs Blaze Off)
Congrats to R Butts R Smok'n (Reserve Grand @ American Royal Invitational)
Congrats to Sticks and Chicks (Grand Champion @ Desoto Ks.)
These teams were all using Sloppy's Sweet and Spicy BBQ Rub (Thanks to all of you for your patronage)
If your team is using Sloppy's let us know so we can recognize you.
Coming soon 6oz shakers
Look for our new product to be available soon. Moonshine Dust
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